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Level 2 – Basic Industrial Electronics


In electronics course, it is designed to provide participants with clear and refined understanding of electronic technology for industrial needs. Students will be guided in the usage and fixtures of electronic items. Students will learn how to install, maintain, troubleshooting and repair electronic equipment used for industrial purposes using various power tools and machinery, measuring instruments, and testing equipment.

PT3/SPM or equivalent or 15 years old and above.

On successful completion of each level, students are awarded with the SKM qualification by JPK, Ministry of Human Resources in certifying their skills competency. Besides, students are able to:

  • Hands on training of equipment checks
  • Understanding the hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Replace faulty components
  • Maintain electrical and electronic equipment
  • Do function checking on servo system, pneumatic system
  • Learn about actuator, sensor and hydraulic systems

  • Manufacturing Machine
  • Home Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Electronic Appliance Troubleshooting Tools & Parts
  • Bill of Material
  • Quality Inspection
  • PLC Programming
* Actual course and content may differ
  Course title & period may vary according to course need

January, May, August & November

12 Months

Graduates from industrial electronics will be able to find job as technicians in various industries whenever there are manufacturing and assembly equipment installed. Graduates of industrial electronics can work as field technicians, visiting sites to work on equipment, or as bench technician working within service centers. They may also be:

  • Industrial Electronic Technician
  • Electronic Service Technician
  • Electronic Debug Technician
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Operations Manager

  • Software / PC Software Programming
  • Mobile / Android Programming
  • PC Hardware - Troubleshooting, Repairing & Maintenance
  • Electronic Product Quality Control
  • PLC Configuration
  • Electronic Equipment Preventive & Corrective Maintenance
  • Electronic Equipment Appliance Repair & Maintenance