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Course Objectives

SMS Marketing Online Course is a collaboration with ITPA Skills Academy. A full-day online course is designed to provide marketing practitioners with effective SMS Marketing strategies to increase sales and brand awareness, retain customer relations and strengthen external relations, introduce new products, launch promotion campaigns, and succeed every marketing campaign at both profit and non-profit organizations.

Who should attend this online course?

This intensive online course is ideal for marketing practitioners or sales persons, email marketers, entrepreneurs and those who organize frequent events and trainings or those who want to develop their SMS marketing skills to prepare for the future marketing campaigns.

Course Fee
RM500 / person

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Course Content

The State of Consumer Attention

  • Response rate with SMS
  • SMS Usage Statistics
  • Business SMS and personal Whatsapp
  • What is A2P SMS Messaging
    • A2P is more effective than email
    • A2P is cost-effective
    • A2P in numbers
    • Why is A2P SMS So popular
    • A2P Business Marketing
    • Choosing the right marketing channel

Compose and Send SMS

  • From Web Page
  • Compose SMS with CSV file
  • Personalize SMS
  • Long SMS
  • Unicode SMS


  • Premium SMS
  • PDPA
  • Countries Regulation
  • Spam Policy

How To Use iSMS For Your Marketing Needs

  • Personalized alphanumeric sender ID for Philippines, Singapore, Australia
  • Two-way SMS for MY, SG, PH, AU, ID, HK
  • Personalize SMS
  • Delivery Report (PH only GLOBE provide delivery report)
  • Global Coverage
  • Email to SMS
  • Sub Account
  • SMS Schedule
  • Send a Link
  • Getting Reply
  • Dedicated Keyword Hosting

Messaging Best Practices

  • Best time for Marketing SMS
  • Use blocked SMS short code
  • Do or not to do in SMS Marketing


  • Wordpress
  • Woocommerce

SMS Address Book

  • Insert, delete, edit SMS address book
  • Opt-in
  • Opt-out

SMS Report

  • Delivery status
  • Monthly usage
  • Daily usage


  • SMS API Usage Introduction
  • Send SMS via HTTP
  • Send SMS via HTTPS
  • Send SMS to single recipient
  • Send SMS to multiple recipients
  • REST API support
  • Get delivery status
  • CRM integration
  • OTP password integration