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Our Computer System Operation (SKM Certification) and Computer System Administration (DKM Diploma) programs have multiple intakes per year in ITPA Penang and Kuala Lumpur. ITPA provides professionally designed education with a conducive environment.


IT-020-3:2013 Intake

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Penang & KL

Computer Systems Operation

IT-020-3:2013 Certificate

Current Running Class

Batch June 2022

Class Start - 20/06/2022
Class End - 15/08/2023
Location: Penang

Batch February 2023

Class Start - 01/02/2023
Class End - 29/03/2024
Location: Penang

Batch January 2022

Class Start - 10/01/2022
Class End - 07/03/2023
Location: Penang

Upcoming Class

Batch June 2023

Class Start - 05/06/2023
Location: Kuala Lumpur

**Date subject to change.

Computer Systems Administration

IT-020-4:2013 Diploma

Current Running Class

Batch June 2022

Class Start - 20/06/2022
Class End - 17/11/2023
Location: Penang

Batch February 2022

Class Start - 14/02/2022
Class End - 23/06/2023
Location: Penang

Upcoming Class

Batch July 2023

Class Start - July 2023
Location: Penang

**Date subject to change.

About This Programme

Nowadays, the widespread use of computers has led to a high demand for individuals with expertise in computer systems. Computer Systems Operation (certification level) and Computer Systems Administration (diploma level) are offered by ITPA to cultivate talents to meet these demands.

This programme can equip you with the knowledge and skills to assemble and repair computer hardware systems and optimize the operating system. We provide work-integrated learning opportunities and get students out into the real world.

Why Study with ITPA Penang / ITPA KL


ITPA JPK Accreditation


70% Hands-on Practice


Free Additional Short


Monthly Installment Payments Available

Computer System Programme Benefits


Excellent Graduate Prospects
The job opportunities for this computer system programme is constantly increasing and the graduates have a greater chances to be employed.


Demanding in Almost Every Industry
Computers are used in every industry, so the Computer System Specialists, IT experts or IT support are required in most of the industry.


Knowledge and Hands-on Skills
This programme requires certain knowledge and skills to perform the jobs. You will learn a wide range of skills after graduating from this programme.


Good Starting Salaries
Not only having lucrative career options to choose from but also owe good starting salaries after graduation.

Method of Learning

This programme is a full-time course and involves physical class lectures and practicals. ITPA provides students with 70% hands-on experience and 30% theory. We inspire students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers, to not be afraid to challenge the status quo and to think independently.

Our Student Orientation