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Level 3 – Certificate in Computer Systems


In computer systems programme at certificate and diploma levels, students learn to assemble, maintain, and repair computer hardware systems and optimize operating systems, drivers and storage capacities. The students study the fundamentals of electronics, computer networking and security control. Students also get to learn and enter the information technology field with the necessary skills and understanding needed in the current job market. A blended learning model of hands on labs and classroom studies.

Course Fees


PT3/SPM or equivalent or 15 years old and above.

ITPA Penang and KL

On successful completion of each level, students are awarded with the SKM qualification by JPK, Ministry of Human Resources in certifying their skills competency. Besides, students are able to:

  • Prepare computer set up tools
  • Computer software installation
  • Setup of computer peripherals
  • Carry out unit functionality tests
  • Prepare computer maintenance reports
  • Carry out computer corrective maintenance
  • Schedule preventive computer maintenance
  • Perform on-site computer repairs
  • Identify computer maintenance
  • Assess computer repair change requests

  • Repair PC
  • Repair Computer Peripherals ( printer, monitor, scanner, customer display )
  • Repair Weight Machine
  • Repair Point of Sale Machine
  • Repair Laptop
  • Maintenance
  • Diagnose
  • Server Administration
* Actual course and content may differ
  Course title & period may vary according to course need

January, May, August & November

1+ Year

Graduates at the levels of the course can seek employment as computer repair technicians, computer and office technology technicians, and computer support specialists. They may be:

  • Computer Maintenance Expert (Hardware & Software)
  • IT Manager
  • Operations Technology Manager
  • IT Services Manager
  • Director of IT Support

Introduction to Software Development:

  • PC Software Programming
  • Mobile / Android Programming
  • PLC Programming