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Be Part of an Elite Team of ITPA Students to Get Job Opportunities

The Promenade is a new commercial building located in the heart of Bayan Lepas, Penang. It is the MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) status area with many IT startups around it. Not to mention the many multi-nation corporations around the Bayan Lepas area such as Intel, Dell, AMD, Broadcom, Jabil and so many more. The students are opened to vast opportunities in their career paths.

After students completed the course, depending on their interests, they can work in many fields. For example, they can work in Dell as a support technician. Typically, there are two types of support engineers available, one is to answer phone calls and guide customers over the phones, another is to travel and service business customers on-site.

The students shall be capable of handling the job without any problems. Intel, Jabil, and other factories are requiring many IT engineers, production engineers, test engineers, and many more. There are plenty of factories in Penang and around Malaysia for IT graduates. One thing for sure, a diploma shall secure a higher position in MNC (Multi Nation Corporation).

If the students choose to work in SME (Small-Medium Industries), there are plenty of vacancies for IT literate graduates. For example, many retail shops, food, and beverage shops need the POS system, accounting system, website, email, human resource management system, and CCTV as their back end. The IT graduate from ITPA can work as an IT technician or manager in these SMEs to handle the hardware and software.

Better still, for students that are entrepreneurship minded, IT knowledge is essential to gain advantages in starting a new company. With IT knowledge, you can get marketing insight easier, find information much faster, and make sure your idea works with the help of IT. IT knowledge is fundamental to all businesses today.