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ITPA Interactive Computer Simulator

Transforming Computer Systems Education for ITPA Students. Embark on an immersive learning journey with our Interactive Computer Simulator. Designed specifically for ITPA students, our game-based learning platform turns theoretical knowledge into practical, hands-on experience. Discover a new way of learning that’s not only effective but incredibly fun.


Comprehensive Modules

Explore modules covering a wide range of topics within computer systems, including operating systems, network configuration, and security fundamentals.


Instant Feedback & Analytics

Receive real-time feedback on your progress and understand your strengths and areas for improvement with detailed analytics.


Career-Oriented Scenarios

Equip yourself with the practical skills to excel in your future career, understanding not just the 'how' but the 'why' behind computer systems operations.

Hands on skill

  • Hands-on Linux desktop
  • Hands-on Windows desktop
  • Hands-on multiple devices
  • Hands-on routers
  • Hands-on laptop
  • Hands-on IT equipment
  • Hands-on hardware
  • 70% hands-on, 30% theories

Reinforce With Online Resources

Reinforce with YouTube videos produced by ITPA and other public professionals. Teachers who aren’t interested in doing a live video conference setup for their classrooms may prefer to use recorded videos. Teachers can upload videos for their students to watch. This allows teachers to record themselves giving lectures and allow students to watch them on their own time.

Zoom Classroom

Connect outside the classroom with teachers, administrators, and students by using Zoom Classroom. This learning system allows teachers to set specific times that their students will log in to view a lecture or have class, allowing teachers to help explain concepts in a way that students can see. They can also enable students to get together for projects or collaboration or meet with the teachers one-on-one.