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e provide a wide range of equipment to rent for our training room rental customers. Take note that the equipment listed here are not exhaustive. We always strive to provide for your needs to our best efforts. Just contact us for a quote or more information.

Item Equipment
Video Recording + Wireless Microphone video recorderwireless microphone rental
Laptop / Desktop Lenovo ThinkCentredesktop rental
Portable Projector Screen screen-projector rental
Price: RM175 per day
Deposit: RM1000
projector rental
Plastic Chairs plastic chair rental
Banquet Chairs banquet chair rental
Banquet Tables table rental
Round Banquet Tables round baquet table rental
Table Cloth table cloth rental
White Board whiteboard rental
White Board Marker markerpen rental
Extension Chord extension-cord rental
Television television rental
Item Equipment
PA System pa-system rental
HDMI Cable hdmi-cable rental
VGA Cable vga-cable rental
Laser Pointer laser-pointer rental
Speaker audio rental
Microphone microphone rental
Microphone Stand microphone stand rental
Wireless Microphone (Headset) wireless microphone headset rental
Flip Chart flip chart rental
Flip Chart Paper flip chart paper rental
Drinking Water Bottle drinking water bottle rental
Nestle Canned Drinks nestle canned drinks rental